"its not about you"A few weeks ago my good friend Bob Burg asked if I would be interested in reading a review copy of “It’s Not About You – A Little Story about What Matters Most In Business.” I said, “YES,” of course!  Bob and John David Mann are exceptional writers, exceptional in how they can tell a story and make you think. Contemplate, really. The authors of the Best-selling Go-Giver Series know how to keep an audience on the edge of their seats anticipating the next page… and the next…  In fact, after I read this book  I felt compelled to write this about “It’s Not About You”:

“Bob Burg and John David Mann have done it again! They have written a captivating book that is more than just a business story. It is a story about leadership–and life. It’s Not About You reminds me of my favorite movies. You know, the ones you see on the big screen and then buy the DVD so you can see them again? I highly recommend you read it from cover to cover. When you do, you’ll want to read it again, and the second time you will be reminded exactly why you bought the book in the first place. It’s that good!”

And it is just that good! The story line, written as a parable is short and easy to read (I read it in an afternoon) makes you feel good. Good about all the things you are doing right in business. AND… the things that you can improve upon to make your business even better.  The principles are not that hard to grasp and even easier to implement.

It’s Not About You follows the story of (BEN) an ambitious young executive’s quest to master persuasion and leadership while helping a small business’s struggle for survival.  Here’s an excerpt:

Ben had the vague sense that there was something beyond the four points he had listed on his business card, but he could not identify what it might be.

“It all makes sense,” he said out loud, to no one but himself. “Leaders hold a vision. Leaders care. Leaders get their hands dirty and their boots muddy, do the work, and make tough decisions. And leaders stand for something. It’s about all of those things. But…

But at the same time, somehow, it wasn’t about any of those things.

What was he missing?

— from the book

When you get your copy of It’s Not About You” I promise, you will find yourself “rooting for the hero” and really hoping Ben makes the right decisions in the long run.

This book is perfect reading for the small business owner, whether you use the internet to promote your business or you market your business offline. Its about relationships. Its about being real. Its about life. And the thing every small business owner learns is “It’s Not About You.” It really is about what matters most in business.

In case you are not yet sure, you can download chapters 1 and 2 here: www.INAYbook.com and see for yourself. My guess is you will quickly go to Amazon.com and order a copy for yourself (and maybe even a few for your friends and colleagues).  I did!