When deciding on an offline marketing strategy, it is important to consider how best you can get your product or company name in front of people without spending too much money, but without appearing to be a penny-pincher. It is also important that you do this without irritating people and without underselling your product. This is why good advertising executives get paid so much money – when you describe it as above, it is a job on a par with juggling chainsaws while walking a tightrope with itching powder in your underwear.

Or is it? A lot of people voice the opinion that good marketing is all about one word – simplicity. A good, simple advertisement will draw in a lot of people. If you can grab their attention, put the message across and leave them thinking “I now know all I need to know, and am interested in that company” you are doing a good job. This may be more simple to do than a lot of people think. First you need to get their attention – depending on the medium this can be done with stirring music or a bold typeface. Then you tell them what you need them to know.

It’s that simple. Or is it? A lot of money is spent by marketing companies trying to find ways of attracting customers using subliminal techniques. Surely they wouldn’t throw money away when it’s so simple to just grab the attention? Perhaps the main driving force in this way of operating is that you need to differentiate your brand. That seems to be where the marketing gurus come in.