"business people sillouette"Trouble Getting Referrals?

Or following up on Leads?

Are you frustrated because of how much time it takes to follow up with prospects, leads and customers these days in your small business?

I know that getting people to refer your business can be difficult. I used to have the same challenges.

Many small business owners lack the confidence to ask for referrals, and most customers are just too busy to remember to send them your way. It’s a real catch 22.

Maybe you’re good at giving referrals, but others just forget to return the favor.

What if there was a system that could help you develop a continuous stream of solid referrals and all you had to do is set it up one time, add contacts as you receive them and few clicks of the mouse start your referral building process? Increasing referrals with this follow up system can help you in your offline marketing plans.

Let’s face it, you are busy too! Maybe you want to send a “nice to meet you” or “thank you for the referral” card to someone but simply cannot find time to do so.

You’ve even thought about sending a series of follow-up notes but if you don’t have time to send one, how in the world can you send 12? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a system to keep track of who and when to send those notes to? And it could be done automatically for you each month? All you had to do was enter the information one time and Viola! It’s done. THERE IS.

The system I am referring to is called Send Out Cards and it is sweeping the nation (and a few other countries as well). It is the best system I have ever found to do all these things, and more. You can use it for reminders, referral programs, thank you’s and prospecting. Not to mention what you can do with it for your personal correspondence (but that’s another topic).

Think about it, you meet someone at a networking event, get their business card, go back to the office or your home office and input the info into a database. Then you need to find a way to remind YOU to send a card to the people on your list when the time is right. And you have to go somewhere to buy the greeting cards, buy postage, write the card, address the envelop and drop it in the mail. Offline marketing at its best.

With  Send Out Cards you simply enter the information into the system, choose the card (from more than 13,000) choose whom to send the card to and they do the rest. It is even personalized and can include your signature and if you really want to get fancy include a picture (or several) of your choosing. You can even customize the cards.

And the best news? The cards cost less than $1 plus postage (there is a small up-charge for adding pictures). Postcards are less than 50 cents plus postage. WOW! Handwritten, personalized and automatically sent for you with a real stamp. That’s right ~ not metered mail, a real stamp. And there are dozens of examples of how other businesses are using SendOutCards to promote their business. You cannot hire a consultant or agency for the amount you’d invest in this system. It is so affordable. It saves you time AND money.

When I found Send Out Cards it was like a dream come true. I send dozens of greeting cards and postcards every month and this is just so easy. You can even import your current database into the program, so you don’t have to spend hours inputting data. This is a great way to coordinate your direct mail program ~ low cost, high return.

I’d like to invite you to try this system for free, on me. Go to SendOutCards.com/Heidi and the first card is on me!