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Do you have the right attitude and skills to be an Elan’trepreneur? What are your strengths and weaknesses? In order to be a true Elan’trepreneur, you must learn to “play to your strengths,” to the capitalize on the true gifts you have and be willing to acknowledge those areas of business in which you may be weak and need help. 

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According to Wikipedia.com an entrepreneur is defined as "a person who undertakes and operates a new venture, and assumes some accountability for the inherent risks."  Entrepreneurs share certain attributes. Entrepreneurs are major contributors to the economic well-being of a country. They have a strong desire to achieve, are hardworking, are decisive,  take initiative, are confident, and responsible. True entrepreneurs take calculated, thought-out risks.  There is also the belief that one is a "born entrepreneur."   However, Wikipedia.com goes on to say that "entrepreneurs emerge out of the combination of entrepreneurial opportunities and people who are well-positioned to take advantage of them." In fact, many researchers today agree that entrepreneurialism can be taught to people with the right attitudes and willingness to learn.

Elan'trepreneurs have these same attributes and take them a step further, and are considered by their peers to be visionaries and innovators. These leaders in business are “in the know,” up on the latest news. Elan’trepreneurs set the trends that others follow.

Do you have the right attitude and skills to be an Elan’trepreneur? What are your strengths and weaknesses? In order to be a true Elan'trepreneur, you must learn to "play to your strengths," to the capitalize on the true gifts you have and be willing to acknowledge those areas of business in which you may be weak and need help. In doing so, you are able to overcome those limitations by either hiring someone with the skills you lack or take time to learn the skills necessary to do the job. 

Instructions: Read each question, choosing the answer that best describes your behavior, attitude and feeling as it actually is, not as you think it should or would like it to be. In order to get a valid score, you must be completely honest with yourself.

1) How willing are you to learn new technologies?
a) Very willing.
b) Only if I have to.
c) I don't need technology.

2) Are you a person of action and initiative?
a) I do things "my way" and don't need someone else to get me going.
b) I wait for someone to give me a "push" and then I just keep going.
c) I don't put myself out until I have to.

3) Fill in the blank. People __________
a) are important to the success of any endeavor and should be treated with
b) are a necessary evil in business.
c) irritate and annoy me.

4) How good are you at taking responsibility?
a) I love being in charge and responsible for outcomes.
b) There is always someone else waiting to "strut their stuff. I move over and let her
         or him take charge.
c) I prefer letting someone else be in charge.

5) How well do you lead others?
a) I have the ability to get people to take action, without much difficulty.
b) I can get people to take action after much persuasion.
c) I prefer letting someone else move people to action.

6) How is your work ethic?
a) I don't mind working hard, and can keep going as long as is necessary to
         accomplish the given task.
b) I work hard until I've had enough and then I quit.
c) Hard work never gets you anywhere.

7) Are you a good organizer?
a) I like to have a plan and generally don't start a project without one.
b) I do just fine unless things get too complicated. When they do, I tend to fizzle
c) I take things as they come.

8) How decisive are you?
a) I go with my "gut" and most often the decision is the correct one.
b) Given enough time and information, I do just fine.
c) I prefer not to be the decision maker.

9) Are people confident that what you say is the truth?
a) People believe what I say because I never say things I don't mean.
b) I occasionally take the easy way out by saying what I think people
        want to hear.
c) I don't think it makes a difference as long as the other person doesn't
        know the difference.

10) How well do you finish what you start?
a) Once I make up my mind to do something, nothing gets in my way.
b) Most of the time, I finish what I start.
c) If a job isn't going right, I give up. No sense in beating my head against
        a wall.

11) Are you good at keeping records?
a) Records are important, so even though I may not want to, I keep
        track of what's important.
b) I can keep track of things, however it's more important to get the work out than
         "shuffle papers."
c) Records are unimportant and don't affect the outcomes.

12) How good a learner are you?
a) I have an insatiable curiosity and love to learn.
b) I only learn what I need to get the job done.
c) I am fine as I am and don't need to learn any more to do my job.

13) How optimistic are you?
a) I believe that any day "above ground" is a great day.
b) I tend to be negative on occasion.
c) Life sucks.

14) How well do you manage money?
a) I am able to control my credit and manage my debts.
b) I save for the occasional "rainy day."
c) I spend it as fast as I make it.

15) How flexible are you?
a) I thrive on change.
b) Change makes me a little uneasy, but I get over it and move on.
c) I like the status quo and don't like any change.

16) How persistent are you?
a) I never give up until I succeed.
b) I have a hard time staying motivated and tend to give up when
        things aren't going well.
c) I'm not ready to make sacrifices to achieve my goals.

17) How well do you learn from past failures?
a) I learn from my own failures as well as those of others.
b) Sometimes, I have to fail over and over before I finally learn the lesson.
c) Somehow, I make the same mistakes over and over again.

18) How well do you communicate with others?
a) I understand people and they understand me.
b) I sometimes waiver in my convictions and am not always a good listener.
c) I tend to know everything.

19) Fill in the blank. The most important characteristic for succeeding
      in business is _______.
a) persistence
b) money
c) a high IQ

20) How do you react to criticism?
a) Constructive criticism is a learning opportunity it's a way to improve myself.
b) Most people are more critical than they should be.
c) I never listen to my critics, because they are just jealous.

Bonus Question: Can you envision the results of owning your own business?
a) I can see the bigger picture in almost any plan, am creative and have a good
b) I sometimes have trouble seeing the big picture, just trying to stay the course.
c) Big picture, what big picture? I'm not even sure what a vision statement is or
         even why it matters.

You can download the quiz below as a pdf and share with your colleagues and friends!

From the Blog

Control Your Destiny – Small Business Success Tips

The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you are in control of your own destiny. But that can make it really, really difficult to take time away from the computer or office to let your hair down, relax, and have some fun. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you travel with an iPhone in one hand and a laptop in the other, and even when you should be relaxing, you’re responding to emails and checking statistics.

That level of dedication to your work is commendable, but it’s also dangerous. If you never slack off, you’re in danger of burning out, losing perspective, or alienating the people in your life, none of which is helpful for long-term success. The lazy, crazy days of summer are a perfect time to get in one last fling before school starts and business picks up again.

Can’t get away for a week-long retreat? Never fear. Here are some ways to enjoy a mini-fling:

1. Turn off the cell phone. The smallest move you can make with the biggest impact is simply unplugging yourself. Take mealtime off, at a minimum, particularly when you are dining with friends or family. Carving out a few periods during your day when you can relax completely will have untold benefits on your relationship, as well as your stress level.

2. Do something different. With tough economic times, everyone has been touting the benefits of “staycations,” when you enjoyed all the attractions your immediate vicinity has to offer without getting on a plane or staying in a hotel. Continue in that vein by visiting a local park or museum, or trying a new restaurant you’ve never visited. Even venturing down a different street or checking out a new grocery store can have benefits in terms of opening your eyes and enhancing your creativity.

3. Make a new friend. If most of your personal interactions take place around answering your door to the UPS man, you need to expand your social circle. Make it a goal to create a new relationship, work-wise or otherwise. Attend a meet-up in your area, join an online networking group, or just chat up an interesting looking person at the dog park. People matter, and they can be your biggest source of pleasure and refreshment.

4. Cross something off your bucket list. Always wanted to jet ski? Dreamed for years of speaking French? Have a soft spot for authentic Indonesian cuisine? Pick one of your life goals (preferably one that has nothing to do with your work) and get started. Realizing that there is more to life than your computer will energize you and make your work all the more effective.

You may not be able to take off to Baja in a VW bus with a surfboard strapped to the top, but you can still enjoy these last days of summer. Life’s short; enjoy it.



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