"offline marketing ideas taken from the speaking industryLast month I started a topic about how I gathered information to create a small business marketing plan for the Florida Speakers Association. I asked members how they would spread the word about FSA both offline and online, who they suggest we connect with and contact (sharing their offline marketing ideas and resources) and how they suggested we increase our membership base and meeting attendance.

Here are six more responses:

I find that word of mouth is great… and also the encouragement I give to others who are speakers but don’t know it yet. Also a brochure would be nice to hand out.

Contact clubs and hold a contest… have them submit club member names who would like to attend an FSA meeting to see what it is all about in helping them develop leadership and communication skills. Then, we could draw one name per month and COMP that person. This would also increase our notice data base.

We could even have a special annual day focused on local clubs and developing good speakers in clubs. We could even start a different membership category for local club member speakers who do not want to become professional, but do like to hang out with the pros.

TV and radio interviews from some of our top speakers about the the organization and what it has done for them.

Ask CEOs (with their own strong followings) to present — and encourage their own people to be part of our group. Have THEM send out notices to business media. Invite media people to discuss how public speaking skills helped them. Usually THEY will give our group free publicity if it involves them.

Do a charity fund-raiser using some of our speakers to improve skills of the people who GIVE the $$…not just get the benefit of dollars. Improve the image of us being part of an INTERNATIONAL – NOT JUST LOCAL OR NATIONAL – GROUP OF GIVING PEOPLE…THE VOICE OF THE WORLD.

These tips can also relate to almost any industry or profession.  Many great offline marketing ideas are transferable and applicable to most small businesses.