"Six Relationship Building Tips to Grow Your Small Business"Successful small businesses do more than just communicate with prospects and customers when they have a special offer or sale. They know that  being indespensable to their clients and target marketis crucial to their ultimate success. To add value, enhance your brand and make you stand out from the competition, Here are five strategies that will help you build long-term relationship and stay top of mind with your target audience.

Reach out and touch someone.  In other words, stay connected with those who make a difference in your business, your top customers.

Give them something. Offer your customer perks and rewards for doing business with you.

Thank you customers with special events. Host an exclusive open house and invite your best customers.

Ramp up your customer service.  If you offer good service, make it better!

Add some culture.  Multiculture.  If you cater to a wide variety of ethnicities and cultures, think of ways you can enhance the service you provide, such as translating your marketing materials into several languages.

Spend time with your customers.  Oftentimes as a small business owner, it is difficult to really spend time with your customers, to get to know them. Unless you sell life-insurance or something involving financial services, it is likely you only know a small aspect of your customers such as what type of car they drive, what their favorite food, flower or beverage is. Maybe even their favorite sports team. Think of ways to expand on that knowledge. You don’t have to make them your friends, just show them how much you car. Remember the saying “people won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Marketing small business offline or online requires the investment of time and human connection at some level.  To be successful, you must be willing to get to know what makes your customers tick.