Seven Marketing Tips Successful Marketers Use to Grow their Business Offline

  1.  Don’t lower your price and expect to sell more! Today its not about volumn sales (unless you are Walmart or Costco). Think about it. Would a dentist lower his price to get more clients? Or a brain surgeon? If you want a cheap haircut you go to a place that does volume. If you want a hair style you go to a salon that specializes in what you need. When you lower the price you might just be lowering the value of your product and service in the eyes of your intended audience. In most cases it is better to compete on service than price. Remember this: Quality does not come cheap.
  2. Choose 3-4 marketing tactics that fit your market, your product and your service and get really good ad delivering on those promises. When we first start in business we try everything to see what works. But if you are established, it is better to choose less tactics and get more strategic with each. Go the distance and don’t give up before all the results are in. The less you do, the better you can be at doing them because you won’t have to juggle dozens of ideas at once.
  3. Educate your customers about your products or service. Don’t try to sell them, educate them. The more educated a person is about your offerings the better buying decision she or he will be able to make. If they feel empowered with the knowledge they are more likely to use you than the competition (all other things being equal, of course).
  4. Be a little different. If you and the other guy are selling the same thing, for the same price one of you is unnecessary. Be original, give better service, stand out in the marketplace and you will get the business.
  5. Submit articles on a subject matter related to your business to local news and industry publications. By doing so you build credibility as a thought leader and you expand your reach. Most news media are looking for good quality articles to publish, especially trade publications and local newsletters of chambers of commerce and associations. You an use this as added publicity, post the article titles to your websites with links to the digital version and show the press how media friendly you/your company is.
  6. Commit to communicate your message in a way that your intended audience will understand. Don’t use jargon that is not part of your customer’s every day vocabulary. In most advertising campaigns you will notice they subscribe to the “kiss” theory. Keep it short and simple. If it takes a rocket scientist to figure out your ad and your audience are not typically rocket scientists, then Houston, You have a problem… The marketing message should match the market.
  7. My good friend Bob Burg says: “people do business with people they know, like and trust.” Be that person.

To your marketing small business offline success… and then some!