"woman thinking"There have been very few television advertisements that could be accused of being “understated” when it comes to pushing a product. The main point of an advertisement is getting the product or service brand name front and center in the eyes of potential customers. Ideally, it is best if you can do this without resembling a marketing robot and endlessly repeating the brand name, but it is a harder balance than you would think it is.

The main note of importance is that you should avoid being too modest. Yes, in real life people like a bit of modesty. It creates a buzz because people think “what are they not telling us?” and because people routinely and correctly hate anyone who shouts too loudly about their good qualities. In marketing, things rarely work this way. Trying to promote your product by saying “Try this. It is quite good … well, I think so anyway but it’s up to you. Buy my product. Please?” is a guaranteed ticket to marketing failure.

You have to make people realize that your product is right for them, and if possible do so without looking like you are pressuring them. Striking this balance requires a little bit of thought, but involves explaining why your product is useful and how it could make their lives easier. Giving it due prominence is another issue altogether, and depends on who you are trying to reach. It is something that requires you to identify a target strategy for marketing your small business offline.