This time of year can be a slower time for some business owners. If you have a retail store or an online merchant you may be hosting Memorial Day Sales, Fourth of July or even Labor Day Sales, and aside from those there are likely not many big holidays for you to tie into. Have you thought of taking advantage of lesser-known or even obscure holidays?

Here are just a few ideas from which to choose:

April 6th is Fun At Work Day

April 20th is National Look-Alike Day

May 4th is World Give Day

May 21st is Neighbor Day

June 8th is NationalBestFriendsDay

June 11th is Auto Mechanics Day

June 21st is World Handshake Day

June 27th is National Sunglasses Day

July 1st is NationalPostalWorkersDay

July 17th is National Get Out of the Doghouse Day

August 1st is Girlfriends Day 

August 27th is Just Because Day

These are just a few of the days you can harness to promote your business. A great resource we use to promote all our online and local business endeavors is called Social Media Content (both an app and an editable list of holidays and events complete with graphics, hashtags, and ideas to promote those ideas). You can find out more here:
Social Content Bundle*

Create themes around spring and summertime and customize your online presence and social media to these themes.

Or tie into the seasons and what they mean, what’s typically happening like bridal season, end of school, beach days and more. Here are few for you to consider:

“Spring Into Action” Sale

This is a good time to hold a “Spring Into Action” sale. Offer a very limited-time sale and encourage your customers to take advantage of it.

Participate in local summer events

These can include events like seafood, wine and cheese festivals or other foodie-type events. You can get involved by volunteering at these events, and setting up a booth it if makes sense to your business and is your target audience. Sponsoring a local event or participating in some way can showcase your business and give you more exposure—both before and after the event.

Sunrise Sale

Give your early birds a special discount. For example, choose a Saturday during the month and offer a 20% discount for orders placed between 6 am – 12 pm.

Get Ready For The Big Day

Wedding season is coming up. Do you offer any products for brides or bridesmaids? Offer a special discount on your wedding-themed products for one week in April.

Teacher Appreciation Sale

Schools will be closing for the Summer between late May and mid-June. Many parents are looking for teacher appreciation gifts. If you have a product or service that would make a great gift for a teacher, let your customers know!

Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Weekend is the traditional “kick-off” to Summer, even though the calendar doesn’t officially say it’s Summer until June… Offer a special sale on Summer related products or services this weekend.

“Virtual Festival”

Lots of festivals pop up across the country each Summer. You can hold a virtual festival instead. For example – if you’re a food blogger, host a “food blog festival.” You can make this a live event via Google Hangout or you can host it on your blog. Invite some other food bloggers to share recipes, food tips, etc. It’s great content for your readers, and a great way to get new visitors to your blog.

“Virtual Sidewalk Sale”

Host a “virtual sidewalk sale,” one weekend this month. You can also get together with some biz friends who also want to hold sales that weekend and you can each promote your sales to your newsletter lists. Try to find some non-competing businesses. For example, if you make and sell jewelry, ask people who sell home goods, stationary, etc.

“Fun In The Sun” Contest

Have your readers send in a photo of themselves having “fun in the sun.” Tell them ahead of time that you will be posting some of the pics on your blog. Ask your other readers to vote on which person seems to be having the most
fun, and give the winner of the contest a free item.

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