"mailbox direct mail"So you want to start a direct mail campaign for 2012, but you aren’t sure where to begin or what type of offline marketing campaign to run? Before you do, you should know your options.

Here are Eleven time-tested offline marketing direct-mail options for you to consider for your small business:

Package inserts ~ a package insert can be anything from an informational brochure to a postcard to a little business card size document. The purpose of the insert is to get the recipient to take an action such as go to a website, call the company for more information, send in a warranty card, redeem an incentive such as a coupon and gift certificate.

Co-op Mailings ~ A form of trade sales promotion where a marketer offers non-competing companies the opportunity to share the cost of mailing to a particular database or group of customers and prospects – a great offline marketing strategy for your small business.

Postcards ~ an economical way to promote a small business or particular product or service offiline less expensively than mailing a letter. Postcards can be very effective because there is no envelope to open and the prospect can see the offer at a glance .

Flyers ~An offer detailed on a single sheet of paper.

Card Decks ~ a package of individual cards wrapped together and mailed to prospects. These decks vary in quantity, and can contain 60 cards or more, each competing for the prospect’s attention.

Sampling Programs ~ A method of encouraging trying products free-of-charge or very inexpensively.

Statement Stuffers ~ Marketing brochure in a customer’s billing or account statement containing an offer or brief sales message along with a call to action mechanism such as a short-form, postcard or toll-free telephone number. Statement stuffers are an inexpensive way to market additional products and special offers to current customers.

Catalogues ~ A publication, such as a book or pamphlet, containing a list or display of products, services and offerings to a specific group of prospects and customers.

Door Hangers ~ door hanger marketing is where you create a small flier (often mixed in with a few other direct mail pieces) that are included in a plastic bag to be hung on the door knobs of prospects. This form of direct mail is often seen in residential areas however has also been effective in large office buildings (provided leaving them is allowed). It is a form of offline advertising that if done properly, can be very effective for any small business.

Webserts ~ A websert is a text or graphic link that appears after an online purchase is made. Webserts are more cost-efficient, offer more accurate source tracking, and can be dynamically served more easily.

Classifieds ~ Print advertising that is limited to certain classes of goods and services, and usually limited in size and content. Classified ads can appear in print media such as newspapers, magazines and catalogs as well as in digital media such as ezines, online magazines and websites.

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