When planning the things I’d like to write about on Success and Then Some, I came across a conversation with one of our newsletter readers, Linda Franks in which she asked me the meaning of my logo for Speaking with Spirit. It reminded me how important our beginnings are, and the intentions we originally have for our business… what we see and hope to translate to others.

Here is the evolution of one of my early logos – the one I had designed for my speaking site:Speaking with Spirit.

The all-seeing eye is an ancient symbol for divinity. Just as in the case of the dollar bill – I use it to symbolize that we cannot do it alone, we need to align ourselves with a higher-power and those we can turn to for guidance such as a coach or counselor.

The pyramid – which is not like the one on the dollar bill (that one does not peak or have a point at the top symbolizing unfinished). My intention for it is to symbolize clarity of thought, collective learning and synergy.

The wings symbolize the human soul in flight – to me they represent freedom and expansion, spirituality, and imagination – they symbolize the freedom to make choices in our life and to allow our minds and hearts to be open to new possibilities.

My logo has gone through one evolution (see below my name for my original logo) and that is a significant change in terms of color and content. The dominant color in the original logo was navy to royal blue and in the new one, we used a different shade of blue with no background and no lettering. And we changed the EYE. It is the eye of Jessica Sellers’ daughter, Leslie. Jessica is a wonderful graphic artist and one whom I highly recommend when you need her services. Her company is Chrysalis Logos.

While I don’t have a favorite color (love them all), I tend to gravitate toward purples, turquoise and reds. They are bold colors and fit my passionate personality. Purple seemed to suit me ~ it is a color that means spirituality and evolution and as anyone who has been in business 25+ years can attest to, we go through an evolution as we become wiser and more educated. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I have yet to learn!

But I digress…

In future issues I will write about how our logo can create a bond with our audience, how it can represent our mission and how it can help us reach our goals. I would love to know how you got the idea for your logo and if your logo is the same today as it originally was or if it has gone through an evolution. In other words:

What was/is the intention and meaning behind your logo?

Is it working for you?

Do people “get it?”

Note; This post originally appeared on Success and Then Some – here are some comments from that original post:

Jessica Sellers 

Hi Heidi,

I really enjoyed learning about the meaning behind your logo. I think symbolism in logos is an art form that has roots way back to the beginning of civilization.

The logo I designed for my company, Chrysalis Logos, has a very specific meaning for me as well.

For a long long time I did not know what I wanted to do with my life and the talents that God had given me. I was afraid to try anything for fear of failure.

Well life has an interesting way of teaching you, because the next thing that happened was that I failed. And it wasn’t the end of my life. So with that experience out of the way, I began deciding what I wanted my life to be like, taking baby steps along the way.

I rediscovered my love for art and design and started studying and practicing with any spare time I could find. I started reading some very uplifting books and hanging around people with a “can-do” attitude. Eventually I got to the point where I felt comfortable doing graphic design for other people, and not just personal projects. In fact, Heidi, your InventingWomen.com logo was the first of many logos I have created for others.

With all this transformation going on, I felt that a butterfly coming out of a cocoon would be an appropriate icon for my design business. Not only has this experience changed me, but I have been able to help many others as well, by creating beautiful logos and supporting graphics.

Heidi Caswell said,


You do beautiful work, and you love it. Never a failure, just needed a change of direction. Creativity is part of who you are. How many people do you know who can pick up and play music by ear and even compose a beautiful song, with both hands, that wins an award in a talent show in the 7th 8th grade?

All you needed was to believe in yourself and all the many possibilities.

Heidi, I enjoyed reading the story behind the logo. I know how much you wanted to keep it.