"Internet Marketers – Offline Businesses Need Your Help "Is it too late to tap all the profit potential of consulting to offline businesses? It seems that all your local businesses have started putting up their own websites. But if you scroll through your local business listings and see a lot of the entries have websites, that doesn’t mean they don’t need you. Offline marketers are in demand more than ever as local brick and mortar stores and small services businesses try to increase their online marketing.

Here are a few of the services that you can offer, even if the offline business has their own website already.

Website redesign

Some businesses have either created their websites themselves or had a friend do it, with less than professional results. Review the look and feel of local websites and see where you can help improve it. That might be through a more beautiful design, better navigation, better sales copy, or many other ways that could impact their customers’ experience.

On-page SEO and traffic

Chances are, if they did not have an experienced professional do their site, the local businesses on-page SEO may not be up to your high standards. They may not have analyzed their traffic and rankings at all, so the owners may not realize this. In fact, most local business owners have no idea what the term SEO stands for. You can help educate them on how to optimize their site and offer your services in doing keyword research and on-page optimization for those keywords.

Off-page SEO

There are a multitude of SEO services out there inundating business websites’ email inboxes every day. A large portion of these solicitations sound like spam or shady characters that a local business owner wouldn’t trust. As an offline marketer, you have a huge opportunity to help businesses increase their search engine rankings. By forming a more personal, face-to-face relationship you’ll have an edge over those impersonal emails from faceless marketers.

Social media management

Helping an offline business build their reputation and presence online through social media is a specialty all on its own. The world of social media is getting more overwhelming to navigate every day. And that’s just from an internet marketer’s point of view! Imagine how the local business owner feels trying to figure out how to benefit from all that social networking. They need someone who can chart the waters for them, advise them on where to be active, and manage the metrics to see how they’re benefiting.

Fresh website content

An offline business owner needs to focus their time on managing and marketing their business. Adding content to their website or blog is an extra bit of pressure that they rarely have time for. You can help relieve that stress and boost their online presence at the same time by providing content-writing and publishing services. And it’s even something you can outsource yourself so you can spend time helping other local businesses at the same time!

It’s unlikely that any business website has maximized their potential to the point that they can’t use the services of an expert internet marketer. You can capitalize on the ever-present need by identifying your own strengths. Then look at the local business websites in your area to see who you can help.