“The important thing is that once you recognize where your strengths are, you capitalize on them!”  Heidi Richards Mooney

As we leave 2008 behind us, I encourage each of you to take a look at the upcoming year – inventory your products and services and see how you can improve upon them in 2019 to increase your revenues, resources and response to your marketing messages.  

There’s a saying that goes something like this: “it’s difficult to know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been.” So as you contemplate what you need to do to get your business in high gear in the coming year, consider these 10 questions:

1. Do you have a loyal client/customer base?

2. Do you offer at least one product or service that is not readily available anywhere else?

3. Do you offer your products and services for nonprofit organizations you support?

4. Do you keep track of challenges you have had throughout the year along with how they were resolved? This can include problems with products, employee challenges, cusomter complaints, etc.

5. How is your customer response/service? Do you respond immediately to complaints, are you a step ahead of the competition in terms of quality of service?

6. Do your customers feel valued, is their input appreciated and sought after?

7. Do your clients know why you are in business?

8. Do you encourage and find ways to involve your staff/support team to interact (socialize) outside of the “job?”

9. Do you have a steady stream of new clients/customers? That stream could be one an hour, day, week or month depending on your business model and situation.

10. Do you show your support team/employees you appreciate their hard work?

Take this self-reflective questionnaire and use it for your business/marketing template to create a Shining 2019!