“WIIFM” stands for “What’s In It For Me?” This acronym represents a fundamental question that individuals often have in their minds when they encounter content, products, or services. To master the art of addressing “WIFFM” effectively, particularly in copywriting and marketing, consider the following strategies:

  • Audience-Centric Approach: Always start with a deep understanding of your target audience. Know their needs, desires, pain points, and motivations. Tailor your message to align with their specific concerns and interests.
  • Benefits Over Features: Instead of focusing solely on the features of a product or service, highlight the benefits it offers. Explain how it solves problems, improves their lives, or fulfills their desires.
  • Emotional Connection: Use emotionally resonant language that taps into the reader’s feelings. Connect with their hopes, fears, joys, and frustrations to make the content relatable.
  • Storytelling: Weave compelling narratives that show how others have benefited from your product or service. Storytelling helps convey the value and impact in a relatable way.
  • Clear and Compelling Headlines: Your headline is often the first thing your audience sees. Make it attention-grabbing and ensure it communicates the value and relevance of your content.
  • Emphasize Solutions: Position your product or service as a solution to a problem or a means to achieve a specific goal. Clearly communicate how it addresses the “WIIFM.”
  • Clear Call to Action (CTA): Make your CTA concise and action-oriented, telling the reader exactly what they need to do next to get the benefits you’ve described.
  • Use Power Words: Incorporate persuasive words and phrases that evoke strong emotions and create a sense of urgency or excitement.
  • Visual Elements: Include compelling visuals, such as images and videos, that help illustrate the value of what you’re offering.
  • Social Proof: Utilize testimonials, reviews, and endorsements from satisfied customers to build trust and show how others have benefited.
  • Personalization: Where possible, use personalization, such as addressing the reader by name, to make the content more relevant and engaging.
  • Provide Evidence: Back up your claims with data, statistics, case studies, or other forms of evidence to reinforce the “WIIFM.”
  • Anticipate and Address Objections: Recognize potential objections or concerns your audience may have and address them in your content to reduce barriers to action.
  • Highlight Exclusivity: If applicable, emphasize the uniqueness and exclusivity of your offer to make it even more appealing.
  • Consistency Across Touchpoints: Ensure a consistent message and value proposition across all touchpoints, whether it’s your website, emails, ads, or social media.
  • A/B Testing: Continuously test and optimize your messaging to see what resonates most with your audience and leads to better “WIIFM.”

5 Examples Using the WIIFM Principle

Food and Beverage

Blue Apron Meal Kits:

  • WIIFM: “Enjoy delicious, chef-designed recipes delivered to your door. Save time and eat better.”
  • Benefit Highlight: The focus is on convenience, time-saving, and improved diet, attracting busy individuals and families.

Beauty and Personal Care

Glossier Skincare Products:

  • WIIFM: “Achieve a natural, dewy glow with our dermatologist-tested skincare solutions.”
  • Benefit Highlight: Glossier highlights the ease of achieving desirable skin results, targeting consumers interested in effective, easy-to-use beauty products.

Software and Technology

Slack Collaboration Tool:

  • WIIFM: “Simplify your team’s communication and boost productivity with Slack.”
  • Benefit Highlight: Slack emphasizes streamlined communication and increased productivity, appealing to businesses and teams looking for efficient collaboration tools.

Education and E-Learning

Duolingo Language App:

  • WIIFM: “Learn a new language for free, anytime, anywhere.”
  • Benefit Highlight: Duolingo focuses on accessibility and convenience, targeting learners who want to study languages without financial or time constraints.

Travel and Hospitality


  • WIIFM: “Find unique accommodations and experiences, anywhere in the world.”
  • Benefit Highlight: Airbnb emphasizes the uniqueness and diversity of its offerings, appealing to travelers seeking personalized and authentic experiences.

Remember that the “WIIFM” principle applies to various aspects of marketing and communication, from advertising to product descriptions. The more you can communicate the value and relevance of what you offer to your audience, the more likely you are to capture their attention and drive them to take action.