Ten Tips to On Hold Profits

Did you know that the average on-hold time in America is 43 seconds? If your on-hold message isn’t selling something or providing your customers and clients additional information, it’s time to do something about it. Leveraging on hold time is good customer service, it adds to the bottom line and to creating and maintaining long-term customer loyalty. And when it comes to marketing your small business offline, these ten tips are easy to implement and less time consuming than many online marketing ideas today.

Remember this mantra, “The more you tell, the more you can sell.” Implement this in your on-hold messages and see how much it adds to your bottom line! Here are 10 tips to increase your profits:

!. Make your on-hold message compelling. If it just tells the listener who you are, where you are and what you do, that’s okay; but not compelling. While the caller is on hold – give them a reason to continue to listen. Tell them about your latest special. Or an add-on product they might not have known you offered or even considered purchasing.

2. Update your message. Tell the caller what’s new or improved in your business and product offerings.

3. Make your on-hold message funny or interesting. Share industry trivia with the caller.

4. Win any awards lately? If you are a recipient of the Best Florist in Dakota award, be sure to include that in your on-hold message. Include community involvement in your message.

5. Include your website URL, fax and email address in your on-hold message.

6. Share any changes in location or hours. Don’t assume the customer automatically knows that information.

7. Include directions to your place of business. Make it easy for the client to find you. Oftentimes this is the only information a client needs and the on-hold message will tell that so you don’t have to.

8. Have a company jingle? Play it while the customer is on-hold. This is a great way to reinforce your brand message, and if it is catchy you might just catch the caller whistling (or singing) along with your message.

9. Use customer testimonials in your message. Audio testimonials are powerful sales tools and make the decision to buy easier for the prospect.

10. Let the caller know what else you can do for them. Does your staff have special skills or talents that can help the caller make a buying decision? Tell him or her.

These 10 offline marketing tips can leverage your customer’s on-hold time and increase your bottom line! Why give them air (silence) or promote other people’s music when you can be promoting something of value and building relationships with your customers and prospects. The message they hear just might be the reason they called in the first place!