Before we talk about adding a slogan to your branding, its important to understand what a slogan is. Most people think of a tagline or slogan as what the company is about. But really its more about a brand “promise.”

Think Nike’s “Just Do it” or Eden Florist’s “When you have something to say, let our flowers second that emotion” or even Allstate’s “You’re in Good Hands” – all promises of what you can expect when buying from or working with those brands.

In fact, it is important to include your brand promise in your business branding plan. It is one of the basic elements necessary in building an effective brand campaign. A slogan typically consists of a short sentence or a phrase that serves to reinforce the business name or logo. In fact, many big-time businesses have created highly successful marketing slogans that have become synonymous with the company. When people think of the company, the slogan automatically comes to mind. The sign of a really good slogan.

The brand promise or slogan’s main function, in fact, IS to enhance and boost the company name or at the very least to provide a tiny glimpse of what the brand promises to deliver. Even simple words or phrases can go a long way when it works well with your brand.

Why a Slogan works with a Brand

A slogan anchors the message a brand is conveying. It makes it easier for consumers to recall the brand in the marketplace. A good slogan can speak for the brand where images fail. This further enables the brand to create a more lasting memory in the minds of the consumers and enhances the market reach of the product.

An effective slogan enables your audience to stop and think about the possibilities offered by the brand. Therefore, you need not just produce a creative slogan but a smart one. Depending on your marketing plan, you can utilize a slogan to appeal to either the needs, attitudes, or emotions of the consumers. A bi-product of a good slogan is that it can compel your target audience to make an action, which in this case is to purchase the product and take advantage of the benefits it offers.

Why is a slogan such a potent part of your marketing and branding efforts, you may ask? Because it triggers the motivation of the consumers that drives them into action.

Creating a Good Slogan

It is important to give a lot of thought and careful planning in the process of creating a slogan. To create a good slogan, you must first know what the qualities of a good slogan are.

1.) A good slogan is memorable. Since the purpose of a slogan is to increase brand recall and trigger buyer motivations, it must first be able to capture their attention and stay in their memory for a given period. Staying power is an essential factor in the business industry, so you have to be able to produce something that stays in the mind of the consumers when are ready to buy.

2.) A good slogan creates images in the consumer’s mind. Most people imagine those images when they hear something. Hence, you can trigger the visual patterns of your customers by using the slogan.

3.) A good slogan drives people to action. Awakening triggers on the consumer’s part will help make them the decision to buy the product being represented.

4.) A good slogan highlights the benefit of the product. This is tied into the efforts of creating product distinction, which is to emphasize the benefits that your target audience will or can derive from using a company’s products or services.

Advertising versus Business Slogan

Business owners must be able to differentiate advertising from business slogans since they serve different purposes. The business slogan concerns the brand identity. It impacts your distinction in the market and the power of your brand.

Meanwhile, advertising slogans are created for specific marketing objectives and over a short period of time. They change with the market and with the seasons, or the audience they are trying to reach. An advertising slogan can be a one-shot deal for a limited advertising campaign where a business logan is really about influencing a consumer for years to come, reinforcing the reputation of a company as part of its branding efforts.

To create a good slogan, first think about which slogans are already tied to your industry. Then think about what differentiates you from the other companies within your industry. From there, test different phrases both with your internal marketing department and with the consumer. Conduct focus groups. As your business associates. Most importantly, ask your consumers what they like, what resonates with them. Flush out the “fluff” the meaniningless slogans from those that have substance. Be succinct. Be authentic and be confident.

You can use your slogan in all your marketing materials both offline and online. In fact, once you have figured out the slogan or hired someone to help you in the development, it is time to start spreading the “news,” by making it part of all your offline and online marketing efforts. The sooner you begin to use your new slogan, the sooner it will become familiar to your target audience.