"Learn from Dan Kennedy The Guru of Lead Generation"“You must make yourself the Go-To Person, Place or Entity for some audience searching for – or that can be interested in – you and your deliverables.

“You must understand that Lead flow is lifeblood (to your business), not talent or skill, not expertise or credentials, not a superior or even unique product. If you do not make yourself a master of lead generation, what ever other mastery you may possess is devalued and feckless.

“You generate lead flow to monetize lead flow, not for any other reason. Not to inform or entertain or pile up impressive statistics.” -Dan Kennedy

According to Dan, the most powerful model for making money for your small business centers around lead generation, with these basic tenants:

1. Focus and specificity – Magnetic attraction is greatly strengthened by being an advocate for somebody in particular with very specific needs, desires or interests. Each individual person carries only a handful of Top-of-Mind interests around with him at any one time.

Think of it as a person’s top ten list. Those top ten lists are what you tap into, to attract them to you. And the more focused and specific you are about the person you want to attract, and the distinct connection you build to his top 10 list, the stronger and more powerful your magnetism will be.

2. Diversity equals speed and stability – If you have just one key person, one key account or client, one product, one service, one skill or one technology, then your business is woefully insecure and unstable. Speed is important because there is no virtue in getting rich slowly. The more doors you open for leads to come through, the faster you can achieve your income goals. Two doors are good, six doors are better. Not all of these doors will perform equally, but so long as they are making you money, you want these doors open.

3. Governed by facts, not fads – You use the tools and systems that are proven to work. And the proof is in the numbers – your return on investment being the most important fact of all. If a system works, you use it and continue to use it so long as it is earning you a profit. And you add as many systems as possible to keep as many leads flowing in as possible, to make as many sales as possible.

4. Evergreen is a worthy goal – There are information products that have been sold for 3, 5, 7, 10 and even 20 years with the same sales letter and marketing material. These are evergreen products – create them once, sell them for years. Contrast this with in and out products that are only sold for a few days, weeks or at the very most, one year. With these in and out products, you’ve got to continuously reinvent the wheel: Come up with a new product idea, create the product and create the marketing system to sell the product.

But with evergreen products, you do the work once and then focus only on generating more leads to sell your product to. Owning evergreen products is liberating, stress-relieving and lucrative. When you build a lead generation machine for your business, you want to stock it with as many evergreen products as you possibly can. Dan had one client who sent the same sales booklet once a month to the same list for three years, alternating only the color of the cover, and generated over a million dollars a year doing it.

5. Price plus profit plus process equal power – success comes from doing whatever it takes to get to the leads you need to make the sales you want. You need good enough prices and transaction sizes, high enough profit margins, and a sophisticated enough thorough process for fully monetizing your leads.

6. Focus on specifics – Who is the target audience, market or clientele that is searching for or very interested in what you have to offer? Who can enjoy exceptional benefit from your products or services? You’ve got to determine EXACTLY what leads you want. Don’t settle for attracting anyone but those exact prospects you truly want.

7. Focus on diversity – open as many doors as you can to get as many leads as you can. If you’re relying just on social media or just on Google, for example, you are missing the majority of your leads by settling for just one or two streams when you could have a dozen or two dozen sources of great leads. Plus when you rely on just one or two sources, you’ll find yourself on a stressful income roller coaster that may come to a screeching, deafening halt any second.

8. Live by the ABLB rule – ABLB stands for always be list building. Lists contain money. Settling for only the sales you can make up front without building and continually tapping a list is leaving the majority of your wealth unclaimed. Don’t lust over or settle for traffic – it’s B.S. statistics.

If you want traffic, sit in a lawn chair on the freeway curb and watch all the cars whiz by. If you can’t or don’t convert traffic to LEADS who voluntarily place themselves onto your lists, enter into direct relationship with you and invite you to sell them things – you might as well go sit next to the highway. If you’re going to lust after something, make it lust-worthy – and that’s LEADS, not traffic.