"Does your face stand out in the crowd"Remember the saying, “out of sight is out of mind”?  It is especially true in business. With so much competition vying for the same audience, it is important to make yourself noticed. In fact, in order to be effective and efficient, the majority of offline marketing should be done in the local market, closest to home or your business to maximize your opportunities for exposure.

To be successful in your offline marketing for your small business, people need to see your face often.  By being a familiar face, you stand out. People take notice. You get asked opinions. People in the crowd might even mistake you for the leader or one of the leaders of an organization. And staying top of mind is even more important. When you get noticed, you get attention… and business.

When  you attend the same community events on a regular basis, not only do the participants and “members” become familiar with seeing you, so does the venue staff.

In fact, becoming a familiar face in the community isn’t that difficult to do.   However just showing up is not the only thing to do to get noticed.  You must “participate.” By participate I mean, mingle with people. Offer your services. Act like a host.  Make others feel welcome. Especially when you see a newcomer to the group.  Nothing warms the heart to another more than showing some compassion and genuine interest in another human being.

Taking the role of a helpful, interested citizen can pay off in big dividends. It can get you referrals, and more importantly get you business. People gravitate towards other people when they know that they are positive, that they are not just “out for themselves.

If you are not a familiar face in YOUR Community, what’s holding you back?  If you answered nothing, then pick up a community calendar and look for events where you know your target audience is likely to hang out… and start becoming that familiar face in YOUR industry. Go ahead. Give it a try! Its a great way to market your small business offline without really trying.