"A Dozen Tips to Advertise your Website Online and Offline"I recently put together a few tried and true ideas to advertise your small business website during the summer/fall season and beyond. Here are twelve tips to get you started:


Tip #1

Put your URL on every piece of advertising you use to promote your company, your business card, letterhead, bills, checks, invoices, delivery vehicles, personal vehicles, magnets, yellow pages, newspapers, notecards, etc.


Tip #2

Partner with vendors, and suppliers to offer giveaways or freebies to your customers.


Tip #3

Make your website part of your overall marketing efforts including networking, print, radio, etc.


Tip #4

Create a registration page on your website and offer something for free to encourage them to leave you their contact information. It could be a register to win something just for stopping by, or something they can download when they register. Be sure to track where the leads are coming from.


Tip #5

Offer a “hidden prize” on your site such as a dinner for two or free product. This will encourage people to visit other pages to find the prize. It is a great way to force people to read all the pages on your site, so they learn more about your company in the process.


Tip #6

Design and write a newsletter or ezine about your area of expertise, industry news, tips, answers to difficult questions, and ideas about how to make the most of your products and services. Create a sign up box for people to subscribe (I use Aweber).


Tip #7

Place banner adds on local sites such as city/town/municipal sites and radio stations. If these are your customers you can probably “trade” links. On radio stations, you can offer to provide a giveaway to the listeners for visiting the website.


Tip #8

Cross promote your newsletter with other complimentary companies or companies and individuals who target your audience.


Tip #9

Create a postcard campaign announcing your website and send to everyone in your current database or at least those who would benefit from visiting your site.


Tip #10

Include a voice message for your phone system (or cell phone) inviting callers to stop by your website – be sure and include your website address and spell out anything that would be difficult for someone to understand or has an unusual spelling.


Tip #11

Try a classified ad campaign with an incentive to get people to stop by and take advantage of your special offer.


Tip #12

Ask other complimentary website owners to “trade Links with your site. Start with those you visit and shop and then expand to others that serve your client base.