"5 Tried and True Ways to Market Your Small Business"How to make your small business stand out in the minds of your customers and prospects – 5 Ideas that are often overlooked and work:

1. Provide a housewarming gift to new homeowners with your company’s brand. For instance, a florist could send flowers welcoming them to the neighborhood. An auto repair company could offer a free oil change. A doctor could offer a free cholesterol screening or other diagnostic test.

2. Create a BOGO (buy one, get one) promotion and start promoting it to your neighborhood, surrounding community and businesses.

3. Bundle your products or services and entice prospects by offering a discount when they buy multiple services/products at one time. Dentists offer teeth whitening and exrays, florist offer flower of the month club deals, hotels offer packages for hotel stays and other ammenities.

4. Sponsor a local contest and promote to your local media. If appropriate, give your product or service as a prize/prizes.

5. Groupon them... build your client base by offering specials via online coupon sites such as groupon, living social, etc. to get them in the door.

Employ these tactics to drive traffic to your physical location, market your small business offline and add to your bottom line. Remember to measure and record your successes (and failures) to see what worked and how.

Do more of what worked to market your small business offline and improve upon what didn’t and watch your small business grow!