Starting up a business… or giving your old company an overhaul? Whether you’re the new kid on the block of your industry, or a business owner ready to re-emerge on the scene… you have plenty of options to get word about your business out to the masses.

Before you do anything, start with a logo and basic branding graphics. Spend some time fleshing out your images, and settle on a design, colors and fonts that you’re happy with and which reflect the personality of your business and brand. Even if your business has been around for a while, a rebrand using new colors, images and fonts will get people looking and listening for your new message. You’ll be able to use these to increase awareness of your business on all social media platforms. You’ll also need these to create a business blog or website that will serve as the online home of your company.

Once you have your branding visuals ready, begin your web and social media business awareness campaign. You’ll want to create a company blog before you do this… and you have plenty of workable options that don’t require much in the way of tech experience. Here are 5 basic online marketing methods to open up new accounts, upload your brand images, describe your services, and keep updated with your latest business news, events and offerings.

Your blog or website.

Again, you don’t need to be a tech whiz to manage your own business blog these days. Hook up the basics like hosting, a domain name and a platform. Get your messages together. Then launch!

Your email newsletter.

If you haven’t set up a basic way for people to join your mailing list, you really should. It’s not enough to email customers from your inbox. Also, the tech won’t work once your list grows, and you can end up with your IP banned so your mails won’t be reaching people. So choose a provider, such as Mail Chimp or Aweber.

Prepare your logo and put together a list of articles that your target readers may be interested in learning. When you share on your blog and on your social accounts, don’t forget to provide a link so people can sign up for your mailings. And then… don’t forget to mail them!


LinkedIn is one of the best social media sites to share your business news, information and updates. Most everyone there has an account meant for professional reasons. So you can push your message out without the distractions that many other sites have happening.

Special interest groups online.

Facebook is congested these days, but you can start with a basic business page, and start from there sharing in special interest groups that match what you do.

Professional networks.

Also join some groups online on the various social sites that relate to the services you offer, the types of professional connections you seek, and the people who would want what you sell.