"SendOutCardsInfoGraphic2"“I love SendOutCards. It is one of the best, most creative ways to prospect, followup and add a personal touch that people remember long after they have encountered your business. You can use SendOutCards to create a direct mail campaign that builds relationships and ADDS to your bottom line.” Mary Wright Carter


  1. SendOutCards are an easier way to follow up
  2. SendOutCards help you Build important Connections, Customer Loyalty and Retention
  3. With SendOutCards you can increase warm market referrals
  4. SendOutCards leave a lasting impression on people’s hearts and minds
  5. With SendOutCards you can semi-automate the relationship building process
  6. SendOutCards are an extremely affordable way to “Stay top of mind”
  7. SendOutCards help you differentiate your company from the competition
  8. SendOutCards make customers feel appreciated and acknowledged
  9. SendOutCards offer fully customizable business greeting cards
  10. SendOutCards help you acknowledge clients accomplishments and important events
  11. With SendOutCards you can even include a Gift Card
  12. With SendoutCards you can create ongoing automated campaigns
  13. SendOutCards are affordable
  14. SendOutCards helps you save time – Set it up and it’s done!
  15. The First card is FREE… on me!

Go ahead and check it out today at www.SendOutCards.com/Heidi – It’s the perfect follow-up system for any small business and a great way to market your small business offline (or online). Real cards with a stamp, mailed where you need it!