"grow your business offline"Tired of spending all your money on advertising and marketing that just doesn’t work? Here are 10 cheap offline marketing ideas to grow your small business without breaking the bank!

1) Market to Former Customers and Clients. It costs less than marketing to new customers. Make them an offer they can’t refuse, such AS $5 off their next purchase.

2) Join Associations, professional organizations, and civic and charitable clubs. Get involved and become a leader. You’ll make great contacts that can lead to future business. Also, thank new members who join your organization by offering them a coupon or sending them a postcard for a discount or something free.

3) Reward Repeat Customers. Offer a frequent-purchase card to track their spending.

4) Use Coupons to enhance your sales. Give them a reason to TRY your business.

5) Follow the Rule of Three:

*Forget cold calls. Make three warm calls a day to prospects whom others have referred to you.

*Collect at least three business cards a day.

*Send at least three notes each day to people thanking them for their business or something they did to help your business grow.

6) Encourage Word of Mouth from Your Family, Friends and Associates. Your best advocates will be those who already know you and like you. Encourage them to tell others about your products and services. Sometimes they just need the nudge to get started. And then reward them for doing so.

7) Send press releases about your small business prior to having an event or a contest or write articles for publications in your industry.

8) Create and send a newsletter or e-zine (newsletter sent via e-mail) to your customers to keep your small business at the top of their minds. Include tips on how to do something better, positive news events, specials, discounts and coupons.

9) Give Stellar Service with a 100-percent, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. It will give your customers a sense of ease in doing business with you and build their trust.

10) Partner with Other Companies to promote your small business. Find companies with similar customer demographics that are not in competition with your business and create ways to joint venture with them either on a one-time, long-term or event-by-event basis.

These ten tips can help you market your small business offline to your target audience and add to your bottom line!

For more small business marketing tips like these check out Rose Marketing on a Daisy Budget: How to Grow Your Business Without Spending a Fortune by Heidi Richards Mooney